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Are you searching for irrigation solenoids? Look no further! A solenoid is one of the most universal industrial parts utilized in just about every industry in existence. The solenoid may be found in any appliance that requires functions such as a divert, move, pinch, lock, latch, or kicking. Irrigation solenoids are more often than not the low-cost solution to motion control. Here at Basic Irrigation, we carry all types of irrigation solenoids, from Griwold and Hardie, Richdel to Rainbird. So for the best prices around, be sure to go through Basic Irrigation for all your solenoids and solenoids necessities.

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 Model      Product Name   Price   Buy Now 
 BPSOL-23   Adapts Rain Bird, GB, EFB, DV, PE   Adapts Rain Bird, GB, EFB, DV, PE   $10.00  Buy Now 
 BPSOL-22   Brass Universal Ring   Brass Universal Ring   $10.00  Buy Now 
 BPSOL-24   DC Latching Rain Bird Solenoid   DC Latching Rain Bird   $50.00  Buy Now 
 BPSOL-13   DC Latching Richdel, Hardie Solenoid   DC Latching Richdel, Hardie   $40.00  Buy Now 
 BPSOL-12   DC Latching Superior, Champion Solenoid   DC Latching Superior, Champion   $40.00  Buy Now 
 BPSOL-11   Griswold 2000 Solenoid Assembly   Griswold 2000 Solenoid Assembly   $33.00  Buy Now 
 BPG-4333   Griswold Original Solenoid   Griswold Original Solenoid   $44.00  Buy Now 
 BPG3355   Griswold Solenoid Coil (2030 & 2050)   Griswold Solenoid Coil (2030 & 2050)   $68.00  Buy Now 
 BPSOL-4   Griswold, Rain Bird, Buckner   Griswold, Rain Bird, Buckner   $23.95  Buy Now 
 BPSOL-18   Hardie, Richdel - Standard Solenoid   Hardie, Richdel - Standard Solenoid   $13.50  Buy Now 
 BPSOL-21   Large Plunger (Green)   Large Plunger (Green)   $6.50  Buy Now 
 BPSOL-20   Medium Plunger (Blue)   Medium Plunger (Blue)   $6.50  Buy Now 
 BPSOL-3   Nelson, Moody, Toro, Sm. Base   Nelson, Moody, Toro, Sm. Base   $23.95  Buy Now 
 BPSOL-32   Rain Bird EF/EFA/EP/G Series Solenoid   Rain Bird EF/EFA/EP/G Series Solenoid   $27.00  Buy Now 
 BPSOL-25   Rain Bird Lrg. Base Course Thrd. Solenoid   Rain Bird Lrg. Base Course Thrd. Solenoid   $32.50  Buy Now 
 BPSOL-9   Rain Bird, Buckner LG Coil   Rain Bird, Buckner LG Coil   $34.50  Buy Now 
 BPSOL-1   Rain Bird, Buckner, Moody   Rain Bird, Buckner, Moody   $23.95  Buy Now 
 BPSOL-8   Rain Bird, Coil Only, Small   Rain Bird, Coil Only, Small   $14.50  Buy Now 
 BPSOL-19   Small Plunger (Red)   Small Plunger (Red)   $6.50  Buy Now 
 BPSW-10   Solenoid Wrench R/B Post Type   Solenoid Wrench R/B Post Type   $9.75  Buy Now 
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 33 products) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>] 

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